Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Crowned Cherub Mirror

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends.

I will admit that I get a jump on my Christmas decor because my daughter host Thanksgiving and I have the luxury of being able to start early.

With Thanksgiving being so late this year.  Christmas will be here quickly right after.

I am not going to show you all my decor until after Thanksgiving.  

I feel even with getting a jump on my decor it is good to wait and show it after Thanksgiving.

I enjoy that part of the holiday on my blog.

With that said lol!  
I will give you a sneak peak at my decor over my TV armoire.

I love candles and they will be in a lot of my vignettes.

Angels and Candles.  Love them both.

I also received my crowned cherubs for the top of my mirror over the mantel.

Love their sweet faces.

Hope you are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. 
It will be here soon.

We are normally in the 50's and 60's for November. 
Nope only in the low 20's with snow this week!

I think we are in for a long and harsh winter.
Stay cozy and warm.
Have a great rest of this week.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fireplace Surround and Insert

Hi Sweet friends.
Happy Saturday.

I said I would show you the treasure I found in Michigan last weekend.

It did start a switch a roo on the living room wall once again!!!!

I found this old fireplace surround.  All chippy and beautiful. 
I also found this vintage fireplace insert on FB Market place. 
They fit perfectly together.

Of course this was all rusty and chippy and I added some white paint to bring out the detail of this piece and it also fits in the surround much better.
Down inside this I plan on putting some candles and greens for Christmas.

On the fireplace mantel I found an old light fixture I made into a candle holder. 
Looks so pretty with the candles burning at night which happens for us at 5pm now ugh!

I found this beautiful piece of art work on Etsy by a very talented artist. 
I bought this piece to place on the top of the mirror over the fireplace. 
It has been shipped and I cannot wait to receive it.

I found this pretty planter on Etsy too.  I plan on using this for Christmas.  I love to support small business.

  We finally have the garage up.  Yay!  
We still are waiting on the electrician to do the final part of this garage build.  
Then we should have a full functioning garage.  

I found some vintage looking white lantern lights for the garage this past weekend too.  As soon as the electrician can come they will be installed too.

The new windows are all installed on the house and what a difference that makes with how cold it has been.

Finally all the big projects are done on this house. 
Now we can move into the cold winter and holidays with all the building finished.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Michigan Trip

Hello Blogging Friends.

Our weekend escape to Michigan was fabulous.  No snow only color and a little chilly so it was all good.

Thought I would show you a few pics of where we stayed and a few of the shops including Found Cottage's Holiday Open House.

We stayed in New Buffalo Michigan for this trip.  It is about an hour and half from our house in Illinois. 
Just over the border from Indiana into Michigan along Lake Michigan.
These are the two homes on this property.

This is the main house on the property. 
It is a two bedroom little lake cottage just as cute as can be.

This is the back of this lake cottage.  Two sweet decks to hang out.

Really cute living room. 
If I owned this home I would not change a thing.

Dining area.

Cute Kitchen. 
We chose to stay in the guest house next to this main house. 
With it just being Terry and I we did not need this two bedroom.

This is the guest cottage on the property where we stayed.

Big comfy King size bed. 
Perfect for just two people.

Nice little kitchenette area.

A nice little screened in porch. 
We did not enjoy this porch as it was pretty chilly outside this past weekend. 
I bet it is nice in the summer months.

A nice little fenced in area. 
These two homes are in a cute neighborhood and just a few blocks form Lake Michigan. 
Really cute downtown area and a great ice cream place called Oink's.

Most of our drive was little back roads through Indiana and Michigan. 
Just pretty winding roads with lots of tree's changing. 
No Snow which was good.

One of the shops we stopped at in Indiana is called Barn Styles.

Pretty trees galore on their property.

Sweet little entry way into the barn.

We visited 4 shops in Indiana on our back roads trip.

The Found Cottage had their Holiday Open House. 
Lots of pretty decor and items.

Loved these Christmas trees made out of old doors.  They had really big tall ones up front.  I did not remember to take a picture of those :(

One of the many trees all decked out for the holiday shoppers.

I loved this piece.  I could see a TV hanging above it.  Loved the natural wood.

I could have taken so many pictures but I got caught up in enjoying the shopping.

I did find a wonderful treasure at the barn sale and will share that with you soon.
It started a little switch a roo in my living room once again! to make it fit!
Hope to have that to show you this week.
Have a great week ahead.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

Hello sweet blogging friends.  
Not sure if I should be saying
 Happy Halloween or Merry Christmas!

Hmmmm is it Halloween or Christmas?! Hard to tell with the snow we got over night and today!

Even my little garden cherub looks confused!

Not sure how many trick or treaters we will get with how cold and snowy it is here in Illinois.

Hope you enjoy all the witches, ghosts and gobblins out tonight.

Terry and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a Michigan weekend get away.
 Hoping we would be seeing all the pretty trees changing colors on our trip. 
Have a feeling we will be seeing more of the white stuff.

This is the cute little guest cottage we will be staying in.
Sweetly decorated for being on the lake.

The Found Cottage is having their Holiday Open House this weekend while we are there too!!!!

Have a Happy Halloween and wonderful Friday and weekend.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Vintage Mannequin

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

A new week and the last week of October!
Time is going way too quickly.

I was minding my own business and was walking around the French Market and this sweet girl called to me.

She is vintage and so awesome.

I love her metal cage skirt and her wheels on the base. 
I cannot wait to find just the right french style apron for her. 
She will be taking up residency in my kitchen.

Don't you love when something grabs your attention and you just cannot resist.

Any of you that know of any sites that make farmhouse, french style aprons let me know.
I have been on Etsy looking at a few options.

I think it needs to be vintage and not take too much away from her.

Have a lovely week and fun Halloween. 

Our little goblins here in Illinois are going to have to cover up their cute costumes with their winter coats. 
Ugh Ugh Ugh!!!
We might get snow over the next few days too.
Hardly had much of a fall to love.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Christmas WHAT?!!!

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

OK I know that title makes it seem like you will see Christmas decor coming today on my blog.  NOPE!

With Halloween and the first of November starting next week time if really going quickly.

I do not know about you but I have started my Christmas shopping early.  
If I see something I think someone on my list would like I get it early.

One tradition we have in our family is Advent Calendars.  
This is really big tradition in European countries especially the UK.

Our little American family enjoys this tradition.

Each Thanksgiving 
I give each of my family members an 
Advent Calendar 
to start on December 1st.

I try to pick out or make one that suits their likes and personalities.

I thought I would share with you some special and fun Advent Calendars here on my blog today.

I know you are probably thinking we have not even had Halloween yet!
Since you give these early in the Holiday Season and they sell out fast you need to really get these now if this is your family tradition!

The most traditional of Advent Calendars are the chocolate ones.  Each day you get a special treat of chocolate.
Godiva has a very good one.

I loved finding this one. It not only has chocolate it also has small bottles of alcohol to enhance your chocolate experience!

Got a Nut Lover in your family.  Here is a special one filled with Walnuts.

I remember as a kid the wooden tray with walnuts sitting on the coffee table with the nut cracker.
I think ours had a little squirrel carved on it.

I love this one from William Sonoma.  Each little chocolate is wrapped like a gift.  It is fairly inexpensive and the chocolates are delicious.

For the wine lover.  Each day you get a small bottle or one glass of wine.  Love this one to give as a gift.

Do you have any Harry Potter Fans?  This one is pretty cute and has fun candies hidden inside.

How about the Spicy personality family member.  This hot sauce Advent Calendar is fabulous.

Had to throw this one in the mix with Terry being a Fire Chief.  Little fire department trucks, hoses, helmets as the chocolates.

Got the family member that loves to fish.  This calendar has fishing color changing baits.

We cannot forget our Fur Babies.  These have a little doggie treat for each day.

This one had a little dachshund on it so I bought it for Buddy this year.

We cannot forget our kitties too.

Look at this fun retro car and camper.  You can use it out for a decoration too.
Love this idea.

Of course make up Advent Calendars are popular especially if you have daughters and grand daughters.
This is a great one from Amazon this year.  Has all different pretty nice and popular make up gifts inside.

For my sweet little grand daughter I am getting her this hair and bracelet Advent.  After she opens the bracelet each day after she will get a new charm to add to the bracelet.

Ok great story behind this one.  MAC makeup as many of you know is very popular. 

Each year MAC comes out with an Advent Calendar.  The kicker is it is only available in the UK!!!! 
MAC lovers here in the US cannot get these.

My two daughters love MAC make up and I have always wanted to surprise them with one of these.

You can find them on Ebay for a lot of money.

This year I got lucky and one of my sweet blogging friends that lives in the UK agreed to get me two of these for my daughters.

I could not believe my luck.  They only allow one per person with how popular they are. 

She was able to get me two by getting her husband to buy one along with her.  Her sweet hubby is a keeper!

So my daughters are going to be sooooo surprised to get this at Thanksgiving.

Thank you sweet Gilly for helping me out on this one.

It is so much fun to know blogging friends all over the world!

This is really nice for the men in the family.  Each day they get a grooming surprise.

My son in law loves IPA beers.  So this Advent Calendar comes with a different IPA beer for each day to try.

I love this sweet little idea. 
It is a Christmas greeting card that has 24 spaces to open each day that you can put in your own sweet message to the recipient of the card.
How sweet is this idea.

Do you have a person that loves to write cards and letters.  This one has 24 boxes to open with either note cards, stationary, pens etc.

I did this one a few years ago.  Every day you can put a $1 scratch off lottery ticket.  My adults kids loved when I did this a few years ago.
Fun to gift to the lottery lovers.

If you like to make your own Advent with your own surprises.  I found this one at Target.  You can fill each circle with some kind of gift or note.  Since it is for 12 days you could get two and put them back to back.  Only $10 at Target.

I saved the best for last!!!! This is the Tiffany's
Advent Calendar. 
Each day you will open a box and get diamonds or Tiffany necklace, bracelet etc.

This will only set you back $112,000 to purchase this for that someone special!!!!!!
I would love this wouldn't you?
Not in my life time unless Terry wins the lottery will I be getting the Tiffany Advent Calendar!

Well there you have it just a few of the many fun Advent Calendars out there?
Most of these Calendars you can find on Amazon or just google for the specific sites.

Happy Friday.
Have a fun weekend.

PS: We finally have the garage floor in for the new garage.  It has to cure for up to two weeks and then they can start the building.