Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fall Decor ????

Hello Blogging Friends.

Hope the week is going good and the weekend will be even better.

I really truly want to start some fall decor but we have been hanging onto summer here in Illinois.

As you can see my front flowers and window boxes are still going strong. 
Those two white fall boxes sitting there are to replace summer. 
Nope not yet.

These new flower boxes are stuffed with Fall.

As you can see these are still overflowing the flower boxes and I do not have the heart to take them down.

I may do a switch a roo this weekend and take these down and put them on the stoop and put up my fall boxes.   

Even my Hosta's are starting to bloom again.

The look on my garden bird bath angel seems confused too!

I did start a little fall decor in the kitchen.

Buddy came in to supervise!

I found this cute plate at Home Goods.

Some Fall decor but not much outside yet.

I need to get out my witch and pumpkins to do a vignette on my coffee table too.

Hope all of you are enjoying getting out your fall decor.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Omigosh Kris, your little cottage is simply adorable! (and so is Buddy!)

    Where did you get the braided pumpkin? Happy decorating! xoxox

  2. Kris, your outdoor front is really still outstanding, and I love your pale pumpkin color scheme indoors. Buddy says it suits his coloring too. ;)
    I love your fall boxes! I'd go ahead and make the switch too, but they look pretty either way, and they're all noticeable. I bet your neighbors love having you!

  3. Gosh - it all looks amazing Kris. I totally agree - keep enjoying those beautiful flowers. I LOVE the photo of Buddy, bless him. You must be so happy with your new home, it is beautiful, both inside and out!
    Can I just ask something 'what is a stoop' not heard of that word here in the UK. Hugs, Gilly x

    1. Gillyflower... a "stoop" is the cement area right outside the front door.. see where her black boots are sitting? That's the "stoop".. and then the steps go down from there. Stoops are usually pretty small.. just enough to step out from the door and go down the steps! We have a stoop here in our house in Oregon, and it is even smaller than Kris's! Must have been a "thing" back in the 70's.. as most of the houses in our area all have those little cement stoops rather than a front porch! I'm sure it was way cheaper than building on a porch! Marilyn

  4. Just so pretty Kris. YES, keep enjoying your pretty flowers girl. Love them and how they are blooming so nice. Love the touches of fall. Kris, I tried to pin a few pictures but pinterest blocked it as it said the link would lead to spam. Just wanted to let you know lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Wow, your flowers are amazing. They look like they are overflowing the window boxes. Love the pretty decor in the kitchen too.

  6. JCC 4 is just adorable! I'm hanging on to summer with my heels dug in the sand until the 21st. We've been having an unusually warm September too (I'll take it after our crappy summer). While pumpkins are make their appearance on my blog, they are not in my home...yet.

  7. Buddy is SO adorable! There's nothing even remotely resembling fall here. Will skip all this because when it's hard to take your trash out before 9 a.m., you're not thinking fall.

  8. Kris, it all looks fabulous at your cottage. Your flowers still look fantastic! Our summer is still hanging on too but it's so hot and dry that nothing looks great. It's all struggling and I've started pulling some plants out. Your inside is gorgeous as always. Buddy looks very happy. :)

  9. Hasn't this weather been glorious, Kris? I'm with you...holding on to Summer as long as I can get it!! Your window boxes look cute right where they are for now. It's a great transition into Fall...without fully removing your lovely Summer flowers just yet. I just finished putting the mums on the porch yesterday, with a few white pumpkins...but our Summer flowers are all but done. I thought the roses would make a comeback...but the deer decided they wanted to eat them before I could enjoy them one last time for the season!!! grrrrrr..... Your inside Autumnal décor is very cute!!
    Debbie xo

  10. I adore your little cottage. It's hard to switch to fall when your summer flowers are still so beautiful, but I love the touches that you have done. xo Laura

  11. Hi Kris,
    What a beautiful post! Love the summer flowers and your Fall planters are beautiful as well. Your home looks awesome inside and out! Cozy and warm!!!

    Have a great week!

  12. As always, your flowers are so so pretty. I just did the switch from summer to Fall yesterday. I see you have the pretty ornamental kale/cabbage. I can't find any here yet to finish the front porch. Heading up your way Oct. 3 and hope to go to the Vintage Car Hop, :)

  13. Lovely flowers and fall planters Kris.

  14. Kris, Your summer flowers are amazing. You have a green thumb. :) I like the idea of interchangeable window boxes. So clever. I like the decor in the kitchen too. Perfect shot of Buddy. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  15. I like your boxes you filled outside of your house with the cabbages and pumpkins, so pretty. Your kitchen looks great too and Buddy is just the cutest dog. Bosco says hi to him. LOL.
    Enjoy this beautiful weather and have a great weekend.

  16. I'm with you Kris, I have 4 tubs up of Fall decor, and haven't put a thing out yet. I cleaned the linen closet, started on blinds and threw a few mums in planters outside and that's it. I have yet to see a real pumpkin out anywhere, maybe they will start showing up soon. Spring was so late, we have to enjoy Summer as long as we can!

  17. Love all your little touches of fall so far! I haven't done a thing yet - not for two more days! lol

    I have a big pot of colorful summer flowers on my porch, too but they will stay there until they die. They're so cheerful and pretty.

  18. The Fall arrangement is so cute. I love plates but with limited space it is so hard for me to justify. This may change my mind - again.

  19. Kris, I don't blame you for not wanting to move those gorgeous flowers, but your Fall planters are really pretty too. They look wonderful all together. I love that little bench and would like to find something similar for my kitchen. Looks like Buddy loves it too. I've got to get back to Home Goods..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  20. WOW, your flowers look many blooms!!!! It certainly doesn't look like fall except for the little touches in your white planter boxes. Buddy looks so adorable on the little bench!!!!! Love your little autumn sign too.

  21. Kris-I swear-no one does flowers like you do! I could not bear to get rid of those summer flowers yet either. It's been a crazy, wet, hot summer and your flowers show it. Your fall boxes are beautiful, too. Can't wait to see them popped into place.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend- we are off for a couple of days ourselves and I am soooooo ready for that! xo Diana

  22. I would leave those gorgeous petunias up as long as possible! They are just stunning. Ours are getting pretty puney here as I didn't deadhead them very much. Sometimes I put out some mums for Fall, but I have a couple that will be blooming in our back yard so don't think I'll buy anymore this year. Once our "Fall" hits, it's down to below freezing at night and it kills all the mums anyway. We have two seasons here just about - winter and summer... not much of a transition in between which I miss when I lived on the wetter side of the mountains here in Oregon. Hang onto that summer weather as long as possible! That's my vote! I love the little touches you've put inside, and that plate is darling as is the sign. And meant to mention on your last post that I love your bedroom curtains! xoxo Marilyn

  23. wow..your flowers really are still going strong..pretty. Love the kitchen decor, and your Fall beds are the cabbage type looking plant..never had tried those but always love them. We are having cool am mornings here in was great and the humidity is better. Fall is so perfect feeling when it comes. Have a great rest of week and weekend..

  24. Your home looks so beautiful, Kris. It looks like you've lived there for years! Your flowers are so full and colorful. You have a super green thumb. It's been warm here, too and even though we covered the pool last weekend, it still looks like summer. I did put a pumpkin wreath on the front door and did pull out a few pumpkins, but I haven't gone full fall yet. Soon. But only if I have to! 😉 xo

  25. Kris, everything looks SO pretty! Your flowers always amaze me - so lush! I still have a few going strong but most are petering out. I'm holding off another week before buying mums. The weather here has been cold in the mornings and 70's in the afternoon - just glorious! Summer weather returns for the weekend, though! Have a great one!

  26. Good morning my friend! I was just thinking here yesterday, as I was SWELTERING on my way home even with the air on, how strange it's been here to see summer AND fall live together. Some trees are turning orange while we are baking in this humid heat and some of my leftover flowers in my back garden are resurging in bloom! Let's hang on....

  27. Your home looks picture perfect. Those flowers are so large and luscious. I am sure in time, you will move the windows boxes. They look darling with the fall plantings. Happy weekend Kris. Xo

  28. Love your beginning fall touches. I won't start here until the beginning of October.

  29. Kris I love that dish you found at Home Goods. The pumpkin art is beautiful too, love it.

    Your flowers are still going strong. Sadly ours were horrible again this year. Too much rain, clouds and humidity. Have much thinking and time for next year. Tired of wasting money and time.

    Buddy looks adorable on your bench. Happy weekend


  30. Hi Kris,Like all your Fall decorations.  I have all mine up and it is still hot as blue blazes,  but oh well.........Our temps are starting to go down a lil but not enough to claim it's fall weather.  lol but at this point anything cooler is welcome.All your flowers looks so pretty still............must be hard to take them down.
    Was wondering if you are able to get my posts now??  My site is secure and has a lock,  so hoping the lil bit we did changed things for you.  Please let me know if you are able to receive them now, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for letting
    me know hon.
    Hope you are doing well....
    Blessings, Nellie

  31. Oh, your flowers are just gorgeous!!! You have such a green thumb. Beautiful.

  32. I am starting to get into Autumn, but my flowers are going strong, so it so hard to do the switch a roo on the front deck yet.
    You do have a talent in decorating Kris, thank you for the inspiration.

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