Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Old Desk Re Love

Hello Sweet Friends.
The Brain Fog is lifting!!!

Let me thank all of you for coming by my last post. Sharing your wonderful information on some natural things you have had success with treating your autoimmune issues was so helpful.

I was hesitant to use my decor blog to write something so personal that I have been going through.
  With all the caring and informative comments I  am glad I did. 
I have had so many warm and wonderful caring comments along with personal emails full of wonderful information.

I am amazed at how many of us suffer with some of the same issues.

I have been a mess for a few weeks but am hopeful with some new things to try,  I will get to a better place with my fibromyalgia.

So from the bottom of my heart I love all of you taking time to share your experience and what has worked for you.
Hugs to all of you for your helping me and others.
Love our blogging community.

OK!!! Now onto the re love of an old entry way table I bought on Offer Up.  I got this to make into a new desk for my office area.

This is the cherry wood table I got on offer up to re love into a new desk for my office.

Here it is sanded completely down to the natural wood.  Thank you sweet Terry for having the patience and sander to get this accomplished.
Love that man!!!!
I was hoping the color of the wood would be more natural and not so red like you see in the picture. 
I really wanted to leave it natural, however with all the red my only choice was to paint it white.

So I painted it with one coat to allow some of the wood to come through with less of the red.

Here she is all painted and pretty.  My little design assistant Buddy has his bed under my desk and loves to spend time there while I am on the computer.

In my three in one room this is the little corner of the room that is my office area.

My little cherub pen holder.  You can see in this picture how the wood does bleed through just so slightly.  I like this look.

I put the original hardware back on.  I liked the gold tone to the hardware.  I am looking for something sweeter and cooler for the desk drawer hardware.  For now these will work.

I love my Best Mimi Ever framed piece that I got from my sweet grands.
This is an old vintage curtain rod that I hung vintage baskets on to hold the little things over my desk area.

I like to use the vintage frames and baskets to organize my desk area.

So there you are.  This is my little space where I read your blogs and read your sweet comments on my blog posts and answer your emails.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.
Have a great rest of the week.
Living room is coming together and I will have some more to show in my next post.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Very Personal Post

Happy Sunday.

Normally I use this blog for decor crazy and my home designs.  Today I thought I would share something very personal here on the blog.

I normally would not want to do this but I thought maybe by sharing my personal story here it might help some of you and help me with more information and help.

I know with all the changes I do to my home a lot of you refer to me as someone that is never idle and is always moving and doing things.  That is so true about me.  

The personal part I am going to share is I fight through a rough autoimmune disease that can really be debilitating.

It is Fibromyalgia

Here is the Webster Dictionary meaning of Fibromyalgia.


fi·​bro·​my·​al·​gia | \ˌfī-ˌbrō-ˌmī-ˈal-j(ē)ə  \

Definition of fibromyalgia 

a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain, tenderness, and stiffness of muscles and associated connective tissue structures that is typically accompanied by fatigue, headache, and sleep disturbances

I suffer with it all.  
It comes and goes in my life.  
I have noticed in the past year I have had
 more flare ups than normal.  
I use to just move through the pain and take
 Advil or Aleve on occasional flare ups.  
In the last year that has not worked and I 
have worked with my doctor on some of the
 biologics out there with FDA approval to

The good news about these newer drugs is
 they work well to keep the pain and fatigue
 under control.  
The bad news is they have harsh side 
The one that I suffer from is brain fog and
 memory loss. 

 While the medications were working for the
 flare ups

I was living in a fog and not remembering 
much of anything most days.

At first I thought it was just turning 60 years old and senior moments happening!Then it became more and more harsh for me.  Not a good way to live life when I have my mom's care and babysitting my grand girls and living a pretty active life.

My mom had an important test at the hospital and I even talked to her the night before on what time I would pick her up etc.  That night when I went to bed I forgot competely and did not set my alarm and my mom called me at the time I was to be at her place to pick her up to see where I was.  I have never done anything like this.  I am always early and never late and very organized in my life. 
 That was just the icing on the cake for all theforgetful moments I had been having on a daily basis!

I decided to wean myself off the biologic and cut the dose.  The good news is that the brain fog and memory stuff is so much better.  The bad news is I am in so much pain.  There are days I can hardly walk.  It effects my feet, ankles and achilles.  
This is the most frustrating part of my life.  So I am reaching out to all of you today to see what natural therapies might be out there and how they might be giving you relief.

I have been doing a lot of research on the CBD oils and exercises help.  Yoga is a big one but I am just not a yoga kind of gal.
The CBD oils are getting really good results.  The issue with those are you have to be careful to find a reputable company that is making these oils here in the USA and are not scammers.  The prices are all over the place for these.  I do see my doctor at the end of the month to go over some alternatives.
  I hope she may have some tricks up her sleeve to help me get off the drugs
 and more into natural or off brand Rx's that can give relief without the harsh side effects.
At this point for quality of life I am willing to try anything that might work with in reasonable perimeters.

I know medical marijuana is the big thing now.  I do not think I want to go in that direction but am willing to try the CBD oil with out the chemical that cause the high in marijuana.  I am crazy enough to have that to deal with!

So if any of you suffer from anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. etc. and have tried some natural help I would love for you to leave me a comment andinformation here on the blog.

Have a great start to the new week.Hugs,

Friday, January 11, 2019

Living Room Changes

Happy Friday Everyone.

Hope the first new week of the year started out fabulous for all of you.

Struggling here with the cold and hardly any sunshine.  

I just love when that sun comes out.  Makes me feel more motivated in these cold gloomy months of winter.

I told you I would share some of the pics of my escape to Michigan to the Found Cottage last week.

It was a sun filled day and the weather hit 60 so what a fabulous day for a road trip here in the midwest.

Look at this fabulous long wood counter.  Would that not make the perfect island in a large kitchen.  Ohhhhh,  if I had the space that baby would have come home with me.

The shop had some fabulous table setting vignettes.  That candelabra is so chippy and fun.

I know if you follow Liz Marie's blog you know her beautiful old farmhouse is filled with lots of comfy slipcovered furniture.  She has lots of pieces for sale in the shop like this comfy couch.
Look at this wood drawer piece.  That would also be great in a kitchen or a craft space for storage.

For you demi john fans.  The shop has lots of those.

This blessed sign with the basket attached came home with me.  It was a Christmas display so I got it for 50% off.  SCORE!!!
I brought it home and added some spring flowers to the basket.  That will go up on the walls when I figure out all my pieces for hanging.

Terry painted this arch way a solid white with just a little chippy showing.  Looking so good to bling up the opening between the living room and kitchen.  I need to find just the right decor piece to hang on the arch.

Remember this claw table I got for a bargain on Offer Up.  This is going to be the new dining area piece. 
Small world the guy that sold this piece was a Chicago Firefighter that lived a few blocks from Terry's Fire Station!!! 

Here she is!!!!! New table painted white to match my decor.  Love the claw feet and toes on this table!

This chandelier framed out on the ceiling in the middle of the living room will be moved over to hang over the new table.

My little design assistant Buddy was a big helper today!  He was right in the middle of everything with moving and cleaning floors etc. 

Such a big helper lol!!!!

The mirror will be put back in the old door and get hung back up too.

So that was the highlights of my trip to Michigan and also an update on the living room/ dining area changes.

Now I just have to figure out where things will go back up on the walls.

Trying to stay patient while awaiting the new sectional to arrive to complete this room.

It is coming together slowly but I am liking how things are turning out.  I think I will finally have my living room/dining room area that will work in this tiny room.

Have a fabulous weekend.

I found another fabulous item on Offer Up for my office.  It needs some love and I will show you that transformation hopefully after the weekend.

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