Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Beginnings And A Regret

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.
Happy New Week.


This little garage that was half falling down finally came down yesterday!!!

Within a couple of hours the garage and cement floor were gone.

Now there is nothing. 
Thursday and Friday they will frame out the flooring and pour cement for the new garage! 

Finally we are getting somewhere with getting the new garage.  Only been at this since July!

I added these shutters behind the new corbel lamps.  I think it gives a nice look to the lamps.

Now for the regret!
I found this beautiful piece for a steal. 
Brought it home and wanted to put it in the living room between the recliners. 
The color looked good with the recliners but it felt wrong with all my whites.

 I decided to paint it white.  Big regret. 
I usually am pretty happy painting things white.
Not this time.  I felt after we painted it white it lost its charm.

You can see how the drawers do not fit correctly and painting it white showed those imperfections even more.

I thought I would try to move it into the office space. 

Still did not feel right.
On top of it not feeling right in this room it would not fit on the wall with my desk without taking the entry door off.

What then to do?

 I made the decision to put it up for sale on FB Market Place and it sold in less than 20 minutes.

 After all it is a great piece.
Glad I could recoup what I paid and then some on this piece.

It's gone to a new home so I am happy.

Moral of the story for me is that I loved the piece in its original wood. 
That is what caught my eye. 
When I painted it white it just took the romance away for me.

The lady that bought it loved it white.
 I am happy it has a new home and they love it white.

First for me.  I paint everything white and usually love it. 
This time not so much.

Have a good week.

Friday, October 11, 2019

New Chairs

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

Here are the new leather recliners I found for my living room.  

It is really hard to find recliners that look good in a cottage decor setting!  
Happy I found these.  
Now I have my corner bay window open back up and two new chairs for seating.

Here is one of the new recliners.  It is a Barcalounger in a saddle soft leather.

I sold my one slipcovered loveseat and these two recliners sit in their place.

It really opens up the corner window nicely.

We have his and hers recliners. 
 Buddy as you can see loves the RA Couture loveseat to himself!

That corner on the right needs something on that wall or directly in the corner.  

I am on the search for what might look good there.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Friday and great weekend.  

Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall Is Here and Demolition

Happy Monday and Happy New Week.

Fall is finally starting here in Illinois and my summer flowers have given up. 

New fall decor is moving in.

My sweet fall angel hangs on the front door.

Terry hung up my white flower boxes.  Oh how I am itching to paint those steps!!!

A new birdhouse has joined in the decor out front.

The leaves on the bushes are starting to change color.

My pumpkin is ready for the trick or treaters.

My new white flower boxes are stuffed with greens and mums and cabbage and pumpkins and gourds.

This little garage is going to be taken down on Thursday and Friday this week. 
Yep! the permits are out of the city and the garage company is finally putting us on the schedule.

The stuff from the garage will be under tarps for a few weeks while the garage comes down and the new one is built.
Our backyard looks like we could be in an episode of Hoarders!!!!

We had to re route Buddy's backyard location.  We need him captured with the temporary fence and away from the action of the garage goings on!

As you can see all the beds in the backyard were cleaned out of all the over growth and weeds. You can actually see the fence back there now.
 Next Spring I will be excited to plant new perennials and annuals in these beds.

Here we go! 
Demolition and building Noises galore. 
Poor Buddy does not like loud noises so this is going to be tough on him.
We may have to have some bye bye rides in the car!

Have a great new week ahead.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Living Room Switch Ups and Fall Angels

Happy Friday Everyone.  

You know how one thing leads to another!!! Right?

 I took down the headboard off the wall in my living room and it started a whole switch a roo!

This was the iron headboard hanging on the wall.  I liked it but it just was not really what I wanted on that wall.  Plus there were some other changes happening with that couch.

This is now on that wall. 

I had these old corbels and I asked Terry if he could make them into lights for the wall in the living room. 
We do not have a lot of lamp space so these worked out beautifully.

My little house sign and corbel lamps now hang where the door and shutters use to be.

Sorry but another cloudy gloomy day with no sunshine for a good picture.

I really like how these came out.

This is how the corner of my living room looked.  I hated that bay window and corner being blocked by Terry's recliner.

This corner is now open again. 
No recliner blocking that corner. 

I will show you in my next post how I solved keeping a recliner for Terry and opening up this space. 

The bay window allows a lot of sunshine and light into my living room.
  Today not so much with the cloudy day!

My little bird cage sitting on the bay window shelf.

I started some fall pumpkins around the house.
  We are finally getting fall weather here in Illinois.

If you look closely in this picture you might see what some of my solution is for opening up the corner bay window!!

I will have that in the next post.  

This is my fall angel Gertie. 

I have had her for a number of years.  Going back to my primitive decor years actually. 

Every year I embellish her with new fall flowers and hang her on my front door. 
She has held up so well. 

She is over 15 years old and you can see how she has held up beautifully to the outdoor elements.

I bought this Gertie on line to make pretty to gift to a friend. 
I had looked for another angel like mine for a long time and could never find one. 
This popped up in a pinterest search one afternoon.
After she arrived.   I embellished her with some flowers and pumpkins.

Their dresses have heavy poly applied to them so they can hang outdoors or in.

My friend loved her new Gertie that is similar to mine.

I will be back with my new living room
switch a roo soon.
Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Faux Granite Counter Tops

Hello Friends.
I am excited to show you a fabulous transformation of my counter tops.

It was easy to do and inexpensive and looks like a Million Bucks when you are done!

This is my counter top before we did the new treatment.  They look black from a distance but really they are black with lots of brown in them.

As you can see in these next two up close shots of my counter tops they have a lot of brown and copper running through them.

Just not my colors.
 I have to be honest these counter tops are awful to keep clean. 
Even with using the right cleaning products they always were streaking and they never felt clean to me.

This is the counter top paint kit I bought on Amazon. 
I watched the video on line and it did not seem to be too hard of a process. 
This kit is about $80 and comes with everything you need.

I chose the White Diamond because I wanted to lighten up my counter tops.

They do make other colors and styles.

By the way I am not getting any compensation from this company or Amazon for this post.
Just showing you what I purchased to use.
Step 1
 Clean the counters really well. 
They suggest a brillo pad.
 I just used a sponge and good cleaner.

You then want to tape off the kitchen tiles and all the drawers below the counter top with painters tape.

Step 1
 Roll on the Primer. 
Seemed weird to me that the primer is black when I want white diamond lighter counters! 
In the end you will see how this all works out.

We have a crappy sink that was really scratched and needs replacing.
To save a little money we decided to paint the sink black with the primer. 
I will be getting a new faucet.
With the counters going light,  I thought the black sink would work for now.
Eventually we would like to replace the sink with a nice farmhouse sink.

This is the end of Step 1. 
The primer rolled on easily and now it has to dry for 8 hours.
We did this at night as you can see with the pics so it could dry all night and the next day to really cure.

Next Step 2

Next step is to sponge on the first coat of Greystone over the black primer.

They tell you to do light random sponge prints over the primer.  No particular order. 
The more random the better. 
Looks like a mess here but keep the faith!

This is Gray Stone sponged onto the black primer and this coat is finished.  

The next color is Quartzite or 2b.  You dab that on with the sponge over the Gray Stone.

This is how it will look after you have sponged on Quartzite over the Graystone. 
Still looking scary keep the faith this will turn out beautiful in the end. 
Keep positive that this work of art that looks like a 4 year old did it will look beautiful in the end.

The last part of Step 2 is to apply the White Limestone paint with the sponge.

This is one coat of Limestone sponged on top of the Graystone and Quartzize. 

It is starting to look like a granite counter top right?!!!

Now you can stop here or do one more coat of the Limestone to make it brighter. 

We chose to brighten it with one more sponge coat of the Limestone.

The last and final coat of the Limestone in Step 2 is done.

This is the up close of the last coat.  It is hard to really see how bright it is since we are doing this at night with the lights on.
You will see in the final reveal pics.

After we let this final coat dry for about 2 to 3 hours we then were ready for the final Step 3.

Step 3 

Adding the final topcoat to seal and protect the surface.
 It was rolled on with the roller provided in the kit. 
We waited about 2 hours and then put on a second coat of the topcoat.

We let it dry well over night.
Since it is night time and raining I had all the lights on in the kitchen.
It is prettier in person than the pictures show.

The black sink did not work.  We could not get the paint to adhere.  We removed all the black primer and for now will work with the white sink.
I will be getting a new faucet too when I find one I will like.

I got my sweet little witch out for some decor on my counter for Halloween.  I do not do too much for Halloween more Fall.
My friend Cil gifted me this sweet witch last year and I absolutely love her.

If you would like to watch this video about the process of using this product I have posted it below.

 This took us a couple of nights only because of the drying times.  
Otherwise the process of putting on the primer and colors and sealer were fairy easy and fast to accomplish.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.