Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dreaming Preview

Hello Friends.
Ohhhh I cannot say it enough.  We are so over winter here in the midwest.  Old Man Winter needs to leave!!! More snow due for us on Wednesday.  Ugh!!!  Enough is Enough!!!!

I thought I would show you the little bit of progress we have made on the backyard.  As I showed before the backyard was a mud pit since they put in the garage and driveway.

Yep here it is.  We had to put wood planks down to walk out there because of all the mud.  What little bit of grass we had needed to be torn out.  Not good.

After dodging Old Man Winter we finally had a few nice days last week to lay down some new sod. 

That orange cable is the new cable that needed to be put back in since the landscaper guys cut the old one roto tilling up the ground.  Ugh!!!

I was without any TV, internet etc. for 48 hours until they could get a new cable in.  Now they have to come to bury it when the weather is a little nicer.

Where this river rock is there is going to be the new deck.  Terry and I are going to build that ourselves. 

I want to use the newer composite planks that do not need any staining or painting each year.  We have pretty rough winters and with all my flowers and watering our decks always take a beating.  I heard the new composite decks are wonderful and maintenance free. 

So as soon as there is no snow in the  forecast we will begin the work on the deck.

Dreaming of having a deck area for my lounge chair and flowers like I had at the old house. 

I cannot wait to get my flowers going and have the backyard filled with lost of pretty flowers.  Right now I am just dreaming of a pretty summer backyard.

In the meantime while we wait for Spring to arrive and winter to finally leave.  Terry is taking me away for a week for my birthday.  

We are headed to one of our favorite area's in Michigan.  The South Haven, Saugatuck area on Lake Michigan. It is one of the nicest areas to visit.  Lots of shops, great restaurants in quaint little towns.

One of my favorite shops is The Found Cottage.  Liz Marie from LizMarie blog is part owner.  You can visit Liz at her beautiful blog here.  Liz and her hubby have rehabbed an old farmhouse.  It is gorgeous.  If you would like some beautiful inspiration please visit her blog.

So many fun treasures to be found in her wonderful shop.  I cannot wait to visit.

This is the little cottage we will be staying in.  It is the sweetest little place.  It is called the Quaint Cottage and it truly is.

I am hoping we can use the bikes and hit some of the pretty trails.  Not sure with the crazy weather here.  Hoping by next week the temps will climb and no more SNOW!!!!

This is the front living area in this sweet little place.

It has a cute little kitchen for our coffee in the morning.

A pretty bedroom area.

A sweet little private hot tub off the deck area.  It is nice to be in the hot tub at the end of a long day of hiking and walking the little towns. 

To sit out under the stars in the hot tub.  I love it! When it is cold outside to sit in a hot tub at night is heavenly. 
So that will be a benefit of the chilly temps going on.

Here is a sneak peek at the new wallpaper I put in my office.  I just did one wall and it looks pretty neat.  I am kind of getting into wallpaper for focal points in some of my cottage rooms.

 I will be off for awhile from blogging.  I am turning 60 this coming weekend.  Yikes when did this happen?!!!!  Have a party planned with my daughters and girlfriends on Saturday.  Terry is treating all of us to nice spa pedicures and a lunch after.  Should be fun.

Then we leave next week for Michigan.  I cannot wait to get away.  Just hoping and praying the weather will be decent for us.

I will be back in a few weeks and will hopefully have some new decor crazy reveals on the guest room/ office area and living room area.

Have a lovely week.


  1. Your new lawn looks great and I know you will love the deck you are building. That cottage is adorable. Have a wonderful birthday week!!

  2. I LOVE South Haven, it's such an artsy area of the state! Lake Michigan is my favorite of all the Great Lakes! Your little cottage get away is so sweet, Kris! I am positive, no matter what the weather, you and Terry will have a wonderful time for your birthday week.
    Happy Birthday to you, dear Kris.
    Love...Debbie xo

  3. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful get-away week!

  4. Pack you long-johns and snow shoes...lol. Can't imagine Saugutauk warmer and nicer than here...Have fun anyway!

  5. Happy Birthday my friend! Have a great time at the party and sweet get away!
    Love to you,

  6. Happy Birthday Kris. Love the new yard...do not let the cable man dig it all up burying the cable. That would be the pits. The wee cottage looks adorable. What a fun time that will be and I know you will take plenty of pictures to show all of us stuck at home. LOL. Blessings to everyone there, xoxo, Susie

  7. Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!! The little cottage retreat looks so cute. Have fun on your little vacation, fingers crossed you find lots of wonderful goodies for your cottage.

  8. Oh my word, Happy Birthday. That little cabin looks amazing, what a fun trip you have planned. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  9. Happy B'Day, Kris! South Haven & Saugatuck were our old hangouts when we lived in Kalamazoo many moons ago. So many shops and beautiful Lake Michigan! Your little cottage looks like a comfy little get away.
    I feel certain that in a couple of months your new backyard will be looking as cute as your old one did. We just got 20" snow here in the last 2 days. Oh well we still have over 3 feet left to melt so what's a couple more?

  10. Have a wonderful birthday and getaway, Kris!

  11. Yay, Kris, celebrate in a BIG way, you both deserve it! Happy 60th birthday coming at ya!
    The yard is looking terrific. Oops on the electric. I seem to hit the landscape cords each time I transplant things in our mulch beds. Got lucky this past Sunday - hit it, but didn't cut it. ;)

  12. Oh Kris have a most wonderful Birthday. Happy Birthday and have lots of fun. Your week away sounds heavenly - enjoy yourselves.


  13. Kris, have a wonderful getaway! Happy Birthday sweet friend. :)

  14. your lawn is turing out great!.. enjoy your stay in Michigan, and Happy birthday , many many happy returns of the day..

  15. Happy 60tn Kris,
    Yes I am a visitor of Liz’s instagram and blog. I hope you find a few treasures to share here. As for your cottage stay? It looks like a relaxing time. Take lots of foto’s and let Liz know when your dropping in on her and perhaps you can IG your visit.

    Enjoy your birthday with your ladies.

  16. OK my friend, you said you'd "test the waters" for me.....then it's my turn on Monday! Oh Kris, that cottage, that little darling COTTAGE!!!! Well girlfriend, we have the same dreary forecast here too for today, and so far, I don't see any action out there, but when I drive home, I suppose I better gear up for a bumpy ride and a grumpy husband when I get home. He's had enough of this, and so have I, but my dreams, like yours, on a bright and lush garden are keeping me hopeful.

    HAVE A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY, sending you much love!

  17. P.S. I hope you find that perfect chandelier perhaps, at that great shoppe!

  18. Happy birthday dear Kris! Sounds like you have wonderful birthday plans - that little cottage is so sweet. Love that it is red! I am looking forward to seeing how your deck turns out and all of the lovely accents and decor you add to it. Have a fabulous birthday celebration!!! Jane

  19. Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your daughters and with Terry for your week get-away. That little cottage is adorable and relaxing in the hot tub sounds fantastic.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  20. So exciting that you're getting a deck. we are getting a patio in the next few weeks! Cheers to new outdoor living spaces!

  21. Happy Happy Birthday, Kris! I didn't realize you and I are the same age, my 60th is in August. Have a wonderful time in that adorable little cottage (I'm with you on the hot tub thing under the stars when it's chilly outside), fun birthday celebrations with your daughters and again with friends!
    Hugs from Canada, Marie

  22. What an adorable cottage. I hope you enjoy your trip and your birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Party hardy!

  23. Eek! The cottage is too cute...I hope you have decent weather too. And your wallpaper! I love it! What a bummer to still be getting snow, have your cable cut and did I mention snow? Praying for spring to show up for you asap! A very happy birthday to you too! Enjoy your family and friends time. And the cottage getaway too!

  24. Happy Birthday Kris! What a great way to enjoy your birthday doing some of your favorite things with your favorite guy! ENJOY!

  25. Morning Kris
    Your back yard looks so nice so far. I know you will make it gorgeous* we have cold temps here still also
    Love the wallpaper, love that sweet little cottage you will be staying in. How fun to be getting away*
    enjoy the rest of your week Kris*

  26. Happiest Birthday Wishes!! We are close in age ;-) The new sod looks great- you two waste no time! The new wallpaper is cute and perfect for your cottage look! I do believe the weather will be improving here in Michigan. I've never been to the Grand Haven/Saugatuck area. I'll have to try and check out her shop some day. Sounds like you have a fun day planned for your birthday. Enjoy your time off and take lots of pictures!

  27. I hear you with the weather. We are going to go right into summer I know it. The cottage is adorable. Have a fantastic time and hope you find treasures.


  28. I know you won’t regret using composite for your deck. It may be a bit more up front but you will save so much time (and money) in the years to come.

    Speaking of years, Happy 60th! You are celebrating in a big way! Love that cottage. I’ve been wanting to go to Michigan for a while now, so now I know what area to hit first thanks to you :).

    This weather has been crazy! Fingers crossed it warms up soon for you so you can truly enjoy Michigan and get that yard done soon.


  29. The new lawn looks great, and the new deck you and Terry will build will make a beautiful and useful outdoor living space. Happy Birthday, Kris! The little cottage you will stay in is adorable! When you return we need pictures of your adventures. It looks like a fun place to visit (and shop). Enjoy your trip! xoxo

  30. I'm with you about this weather. I actually enjoy living in a four-season location and my friends think I'm crazy since I born and raised in Calif. (San Diego, no less) But this year it's getting really old. I'm anxious for green, green, green. Crops in the fields and blossoms on the trees. Can't wait for summer and vine-ripened tomatoes and yummy sweet corn direct from the farm stand. But enough about my yearnings.

    Wishing you a joy filled birthday celebration with your loving husband. Soak in all the eye candy, relax and shop til you drop.

  31. Kris, everything looks fabulous!! I wish you the most wonderful birthday with your friends, your family and with your hubby on your charming getaway!! Enjoy every minute of it. I can't wait to hear all about it!! xoxox

  32. Kris, Happy, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful time, which it looks like you will. Staying in any quaint cottage would be fun, but this Quaint Cottage looks fabulous and so cute. And the shopping sounds and looks wonderful. Your new lawn looks very pretty and you must be so excited to get your beautiful flowers and deck back. It will be all new but just as gorgeous as the old. Have a wonderful birthday..xxoJudy

  33. I forgot to say that your new wallpaper is so pretty. Hurray, I am finally in style again. I don't feel like such a "granny" now with the return of wallpaper..xxoJudy

  34. You two have a wonderful time. I turned 61 in February. I have that cow painting in that store.

  35. Have a wonderful time! Our yard needs a lot of work after taking three trees out but it's under 20" of snow right now. :( Yours gives me hope we'll get ours done pretty soon. :)

  36. Oh Kris, you do make me laugh. Honey, all the snow was why I moved to Arizona. I know I know, I miss friends and family but I just couldn't take it any longer. Moving here made me feel OLD, though. I mean, who does that in their 40's? Usually, they move to warmer climate after retiring. LOL

    Spring will happen and it will be gorgeous! Your photo with the flowers and lounger make me smile. So gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful Birthday and that cottage is to die for. You DO NOT look 60. Neither does our friend Anita. wink wink xxoo Rhonda

  37. Have a very, very happy birthday, Kris!!!! Enjoy your party and your time away - that little cottage looks fabulous! When you come back please bring spring with you, ok? xoxo

  38. What a difference some sod makes! Wow.. it looks amazing and wonderful! I love that you will have another deck area for your lounge and flowers.. how fun fun fun. You doing it yourselves? wow! please do a step by step progress as my hubby and I may be attempting one (a small one) ourselves later this summer hopefully. Also.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you... and that little cottage getaway sounds fantastic and fun. Your Terry is such a gem! Hugs.. Marilyn

  39. O, you are going to have such a sweet cottage once all the yard work is finished. Happy Birthday and I hope your getaway is wonderful. I am lovin' that little cottage you will stay at.
    LizMarie is one of my favorite blogs...and she is so adorable.

  40. Happy Birthday, Kris! What a fun time ahead with a sweet husband to spoil you. Love the changes on your new home and the darling cottage you will be visiting. I love how you have the bikes to get around town. Look forward to hearing about your week. Enjoy your special day!

  41. HAPPY 60th 🎉🎊🎂‼️‼️

  42. What a sweet cottage!!! Happy birthday, dear friend

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  44. That sod really makes all the difference, wow! I hope they can lay the wire without messing it up. That cozy cottage is adorable! Have a wonderful vacation and party with your girlfriends! Both sound like a dream birthday plan!

  45. I'm just now sitting down to get caught up on blogs and first of all...happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great one! The new sod looks great and I've also heard great things about composite decking. Can't wait to see it all! Hope you enjoyed your time away! xoxo