Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Dining Area

Hello sweet friends.

When you live small you have to be creative  when trying to carve out useful areas in your home that you need.

I thought I could live without a dining area but after living here for 6 months I felt I really needed a dining space.  

The kitchen is too small for any regular size table.  The people before us has a bistro table in the kitchen.  Terry would not be comfortable sitting at a bistro table!

I found a round table and 4 ladder back chairs on FB Market Place. 

Got some chalk paint and painted everything white. 

We also were going to have to do a change up of the TV to over the fireplace to make the room work for both a living room and dining room.
The TV is now over the Fireplace.  I chalked painted the cabinet and then distressed it a little to match all the chippy in the room

I made the bay window area a new dining area with my $40 dining set from FB Market Place.
We can look out the big bay window when dining.

Moved my angels and candles to this bay window that use to be on top of the TV armoire.

This is my Christmas centerpiece for the new table. 
Little candle votives inside these sparkle angels and then the old ceiling light fixture made into a candle holder.

Now I have a dining area off in the corner of the living room area.  

My comfy RA couture couch is angled now to face the TV over the fireplace mantel.

My farmhouse window has stayed put!  Love that window.

Terry has a new power recliner in the corner that he absolutely loves. 
I was able to sell both of the other recliners so that was a blessing. 
They were not power so we had to pull them away from the wall and into the middle of the room to recliner to watch TV. 
This recliner for Terry is so much better.  He pushes a button and the chair reclines without moving it away from the wall.  He loves his cup holders too.

I want to say Thank you to my blogging friend Debbie for making me these cute fairies for my tree.

They are so adorable.  Thank you Deb.

Well there you have it.  
New living room switch a roo and new dining space.  

I love the whole layout of the new living room now.  
I feel content finally that this will stay and will work nicely for us. 

Ok I saw a few of you roll your eyes!!!!  I really feel content with this for now lol!

When the tree comes down after Christmas I will have that open area to find a new chair for this spot.  
Then it will give me one more seat in this small living space.

Hope to have up my outside decor on the little cottage soon.  
We are finally seeing some sunshine here in Illinois.  It is super cold but the sunshine helps so much.  
I just pretend it is 75 degrees outside and not 20!!!!!

If anyone is interested in a gift for me this Christmas here it is.   
What I want for Christmas!!!!

Have a great week.  Enjoy getting ready for the big day.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Front Door Christmas Tree

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends.

I wanted to show you a pretty Christmas tree I bought recently from a local artist.  

She takes vintage pieces and ornaments and vintage frames and makes these beautiful pieces.

Here is the one I bought from her for my front door.

This had a very dark frame and I white washed it to have it be seen easier from the front of the house. 
I love all the glass ornaments and vintage pieces she uses to make her framed trees.

Of course it is over cast and no sunshine to try and get a good picture.  Plus the shadows were giving me grief!

Trust me this looks really pretty on my front door.
I will have my outside decor to show you this week.

Have a great Sunday and beautiful start to the new week.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

What is happening

Happy Weekend.

First things first I want to thank all of you for sharing your acts of kindness.  

They all touched my heart.  Just think of how beautiful our world would be if every person on earth shared kindness with each other.

Debbie Mountain Momma
Cindy Cloches and Lavender
Helen (nominated her daughter)
Debbie Koperski

Your names were drawn.  Please contact me with your mailing address and your little birds will be flying to you soon.

What on earth is happening here??? 
I will show you what this is all about hopefully in the next few days.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Living Room Christmas

Hello Sweet Friends.

I have my tiny house Christmas decor up in the living room to show.
My home is small and my theme is less is more this year.  

Little sparkle here and there is enough.

Here is the faux fireplace mantel and mirror and insert all decorated for Christmas.

I put pretty greens on the fireplace insert.  Candles inside for pretty candle light at night.

My mirror and top of the mantel.  Greens, candles, sparkly trees and German ornaments.

The little sparkle trees along with my candles sitting inside the vintage ceiling light fixture.

Wreaths and stars adorn the lamps.

I found these pretty German white ornaments embellished with pearls at HomeGoods. 
 I wish I could have found more.  They are so pretty.

Love the sparkle of the Christmas tree at night.

My then sings my soul and sweet angel gifted to me last year from a blogging friend Cil.  
Added it to this wreath and greens and some hearts.

My sweet angels and candles with greens above the TV armoire.

My tree full of gifted angels through the years and sparkly ornaments.

Hope you all are having fun getting out all your special decorations to create more memories this holiday season.

This time of year goes so quickly so I wish all of you enjoyment every day as we head down to Christmas.

Happy Decorating, baking, gift giving and love.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Random Acts Of Kindness And A Giveaway

Hello Sweet Friends.

I love to do Random Acts of Kindness through out the year but especially at the holidays.  
I have always loved to give but to do a random act of kindness to loved ones and strangers gives me the best feeling.

Sometimes just smiling and saying good morning to someone in your journey that day can be the best kind of a random act of kindness.

As many of you know we began to adopt our last few fur babies through a rescue.  
I feel the rescue dogs and kitties give us the best love.

I think a lot of you remember Cooper our Basset Hound that we adopted through Louie's Legacy Rescue.  

He gave us so much love in his short life with us.  He changed us and rescued us at a time in our life's journey when we needed it most.  

We gave love and shelter to him and he showed us back such love and purpose.

We adopted this sweet lug from Louie's Rescue out of Ohio. 
They go into kill shelters and rescue as many animals as they can.

Louie's Legacy was started by one beautiful soul when she adopted her first rescue. 

Emily saw in the Kill shelters so many sweet fur babies were being put to death. 

Most very healthy and so many of them young animals.

It was heart breaking for her and she decided to start her own rescue named after her sweet basset hound Louie.
You can read her story here.

Please open your heart and to go to her FB Page
or the actual website here and see what great work they have done and donate if you can.

I love this rescue for giving us Cooper and changing our lives.

The next cute pictures are just a few of the dogs and kitties up for adoption. 

If you live in the New York or Ohio or Connecticut area or near enough to take a drive please consider rescuing one of the many sweet pets up for adoption. 

Here is the page with all the sweet fur babies up for Adoption.
New York

We took Buddy to visit Santa and when Santa asked what Buddy would like for Christmas.

  Buddy said  he would like all dogs like himself to be rescued and given a second chance in life.
I think a little chew toy and bone might be on his wish list too.

Thank you for indulging me the time to ask for you to think about Louie's rescue or other rescues near you at this time of year. 

The shelters are packed with fur babies that need homes.

If you can donate to Louies you can go here.

 Now on to the giveaway!!!!!!

This is my sweet little bird tree.  I love these birds and how they make me smile each morning.

Their cute little hats and scarves!

I love having these sweet little family birds in my special tree. 

I would love for all of you to have a chance at adopting one of these sweet families for your own decor.
The beauty of these birds is they can be out for the holidays and long after through the winter months. 
They will keep a smile on our face longer than just the holidays.

I've got the families all tied off in a gift bag and ready to fly to your home. 

All you have to do is leave me a comment saying what kind of random acts of kindness you have done or like to do. 

I love hearing all the sweet and uplifting ideas for random acts. 
So leave your comment and if you are a no reply blogger then leave your email so I have a way to get in touch with you.
That's it just share a sweet or inspiring story of a random act you have done or are planning to make life just a little more special for someone.

I have a few families that need a sweet adoption and to thank you for your kindness.

I have added with each family a few Lindt truffles.
  Gosh don't you just love those truffles and all the wonderful flavors.

Have a beautiful new week as Advent starts and the downhill slide into Christmas!

I love this time of year but it goes was too quickly.

Enjoy your decorating, shopping, baking and wrapping.

Make every day special during Advent. 
Please give if you can to rescue agencies like Louie's and also remember each day to try and give kindness in some way to people in your paths.

Have a good week