Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chippy Whites & Blogger Information

Hi Everyone.  

I had the old chippy porch column in the corner of the living room and it felt so lonely.  So the other day I found this chippy white birdhouse and beautiful angel wings to add to this space.

Lots of chippy white goodness on this sweet birdhouse.

It fills in this corner of the living room so nicely.

Some New Information and hopefully a little help to share! 

I want to share something that I have learned about the " Not getting comments from out blog posts into our emails" !!!!!

Apparently the powers that be are still working on the problem!!!!!  

Ok while we wait to see if this will ever get fixed.

  I was told that when you finish writing your blog post you can check Notify Me at the bottom of your post page and then each person that comments on your post will go into your email.  

Sounds great right?!!! Well it is except for the fact that when the comments come into your email they all come in as no reply bloggers.

 Again no worries!!!  If you have peeps emails saved in your address book you can just add the address to your reply.   So this is a almost good fix until they get the whole thing working right again.

Hope this helps any of you that are frustrated with not getting comments sent into your email.

Have a super rest of the week.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Best Nursery Flowers

A lot of you have emailed me asking me where I get my beautiful annuals each year.  

I have been using the same nursery for almost 25 years.  

The nursery I use is close to our first home where we lived for over 20 years and raise our daughters.  That is where my love of flowers began and this nursery never disappoints with the quality of their very own grown plants and flowers.

As you can see the selection is great and the colors are stunning.

As we moved further north with the next few homes,  I would still make the drive down each Spring to get my flowers.  So worth the ride.
There selection of beautiful annuals and perennials is amazing.

The gift shop inside is pretty amazing too.  Lots of unique garden decor.

I wish I had a sweet space in my garden for this pretty flower cart. 

In the back ground you can see how small the hanging baskets are in the Spring right when they open up the nursery.  With lots of love and good flower food they will grow.  They get such a great start with this nursery.

This is about the size they are in May when I start to purchase them for my garden.  Once you get them home and love on them and feed them they will triple in size.

Sunshine and lots of sweet love these beautiful hanging baskets will fill in quickly.

Who doesn't need a Cinderella Coach in their secret garden?!!

Or perhaps a statue for your garden.

Every Girl needs a sweet purse with flowers in it for the garden.

The colors are so vibrant.

In the fall they have a sweet little petty zoo and pumpkin farm for the kids.  It starts in September.  I take my two grand girls and they love it.
I am so happy with the Hydrangea's I planted.  This is the first time I have planted them.  I have always loved seeing the pretty bushes in other peeps yards.  So this is so exciting for me to finally have some of my own.

I love the pretty blue color.

This is my first clippings.  Don't you love to go out into your garden and clip flowers to bring inside.
My flower boxes out front are doing very well.  Everything if filling is so full already.

With all the rain we have had my poor hanging petunia's have taken a beating.  I have been dead heading and trying to dry them out.  I am hoping with the hot temps and sunshine expected this weekend it will help.

The flowers I put in my chippy planter on the deck are thriving.  The vines are growing like crazy.  They love all this rain we have had.

 I am getting really vibrant colors this year with my flowers.  I am trying a new Miracle Grow bloom and color booster feed and it seems to be working.

When I took the girls to Morris the town with cute shops the other day,  I found this cute Bloom pillow for my lounger.

Every summer girl needs a sweet lounger to read and soak up the sun. 
Lisa Harmon (Fabric 8 Slipcovers)  that sews my white indoor slipcovers has a sweet mom that sewed this lounge chair cover for me. I tell you those two are sewing diva's.  Both are sweet angels and I am so happy they are willing to sew pretty slipcovers for me.  I wish I could sew but that is not in my DNA!!!! 

Karen did the best job on making this slipcover for my favorite lounge chair. Thank you sweet Karen.

I hoped to have pictures of the "Dungeon" Re Love for you but with the rain this past week Terry and I did not get too much done on that space. 

He put on two coats of the paint and the rain moved in and washed most of it off.  He is repairing some cracks and will attempt to paint again this week end.  I have some ideas on what I will do to decorate the "Dungeon" space.  Hope to show you this after the weekend.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Re Love of the Dungeon

Happy Saturday Everyone.

Right beyond these patio rails is a dark secret place.

Right beyond looking down from the rails of our backyard deck is a dark hole I call the dungeon!

These steps lead down to the dungeon!

There it is the Dungeon.  The pathway leading to the downstairs entrance into our finished basement.  Scary, ugly, damp and gloomy! 

 It is in need of a makeover.  So Terry and I are working on this project this weekend. 

That is in between some wicked rain storms and other yard work.  Stay tuned I will have the after re love of this space to show you soon.  Just need this rain to hold off and let us work our "magic".

On a more above ground and brighter note.  Have any of you ever planted Brown Eyed Susan's?  I got these and would like to plant them in the backyard.

This is the backyard area I am thinking about.  See that clearing under the trees.  I was thinking there and then around this tree they are sitting in front of right now. 

They get light all day.  Hot sun in the late afternoon to sunset. 

 Have any of you ever planted these?  Do they get big and spread out?  How far apart should I put them and do you think these areas will be a good fit for them?

 I am slowly getting more and more perennials planted.  I thought they would give a smile to this back part of the yard. 

I need a little color back there and thought these might be a good fit.  So if any of you have ever planted these please share your thoughts.

Looks like they still do not have the comments coming into our emails fixed yet.  Ugh!!! This makes things so much more complicated and frustrating.

 Please know I read your comments and will leave replies to your comments and questions back here on the post.  So if you have asked a question or just want to see I have read your sweet comment you can come back to visit to see what I have replied back to you.

I hope they get this fixed soon.

Have a good weekend and I will be hopefully back soon to show you what we do with the "Dungeon"!!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Happy June

Just a fun post on past summer garden pictures  from Junk Chic Cottage.

Gotta love an old chippy watering can and chippy iron bench for summer.  This was a bench I had on our front porch of the Lake Zurich Cottage.  Loved that chippy yellow watering can.

Speaking of watering cans here is an old collection of mine.  What is it about old watering cans?! Loved my pink garden boots.

A nicely painted watering can in a garden is a must.
There is nothing like an old painted birdhouse in a garden of roses.
Sometimes a birdhouse and picket fence make for a great backdrop for lovely summer petunia's.

I had this painted garden tour sign in a few of my summer gardens.

I loved my vintage bike which I  added into my garden decor each year.

These next few pictures are of the different looks and covers of my special lounge chair.  I have to say my most favorite part of summer is relaxing on this great summer lounge chair.

This was on my old deck at the Lake Zurich home.  I love that chandelier that hung out there by my lounge chair.  Was so pretty and romantic to have it lite up at night.

This was another summer with a different lounge cover on this chair.  I also loved those old vintage doors that I had behind my lounge chair that summer too.

It was always so much fun to try different decor and flowers around my lounge chair each summer.

This particular summer I used an old vintage headboard and foot board around my lounge chair.  It gave some whimsy to my lounge chair that summer.

This was my pretty cover that was made out of a twin coverlet.  I had this cover on the lounge chair when we moved into the town house.
I added this vintage side table next to the lounge chair.
Even with having a small outdoor space at the townhouse I still was able to create a small sanctuary space for my lounger.
This of course is my lounge chair this summer  on our new deck at out cottage home.

Of course a sweet garden hat and good reading material is always a must with a nice relaxing lounge chair.

Thanks for reminiscing with me on some of my past garden pictures.
Happy June.  So happy summer is here with great weather, relaxing on my lounge chair and enjoying my flowers.

Have a great weekend.