Friday, July 28, 2017


The sun is coming out after the storm.  Yeah!!!!  After all the disappointment in the floor situation and delays on the garage build we finally are on a good path.  I am almost afraid to type that for fear of jinxing something!!!

We have been looking at this scenario way too long.   Piles of dirt and stuff everywhere!  I have to laugh because that round table was left at the house when we purchased it and we have not done anything to donate it or throw it away.  It has stood up to all the work going on out in the back.  Poor little table.

Yep! love seeing worker bee's busy in the backyard!

Yeah!!! garage footings and floor poured!  Ahhhh we have waited 6 weeks for this day! 

After weeks of permit wrangling and worker crew issues and final inspections we now have the garage footings and floors poured.  Now this has to sit and cure for 7 more days and then the garage can be built.

Oh how I cannot wait to be showing you decor pics of chippy whites and cottage decor galore.

  Soon I hope to show something cottage and cute going on and not cement pics!
 As soon as the garage is finished and the new driveway installed we should be able to move in.  Probably about 3 more weeks.

The floor guys have been busy installing the new floors and new moldings inside the house so I hope they will be done by tomorrow and out of my house forever!!!!  

There is so much dust everywhere from the tearing out of the floor and then the cutting and installation of the new floors.  So I am going to have to spend a lot of time in there cleaning down the new appliances, walls and blinds and windows.  Ugh!!!  

Hoping to have some sweet floor pics to share with you this weekend.  Keeping my fingers crossed I will not see the floor guys there on Saturday when I arrive at the house!

Have a great weekend ahead.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

White Living Rooms

Caroline Gilbert contacted me some time ago and asked if she could feature my white chippy shutter wall in their Shutterfly feature of 75 Refreshing White Living Rooms.

I thought I would share the link with you today so for all you neutral and lover of all things white could enjoy looking at some of these white living rooms.  They are all so pretty.  Enjoy.

75 Refreshing White Living Rooms

Have a wonderful rest of the week.  Floor guy is finishing up floors in the new cottage.   Hope to have some new pretty floors to reveal soon.  

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Some Positive

Whew..... I feel like all I have done with my blog posts is whine and show disappointment.  With any renovation there is always going to be bumps (literally in my floors lol).  So I am staying hopeful and positive we will have a pretty little cottage to move into soon.


Take a few minutes today to stop and smell some flowers.
Have a great new week.
Hope to have a floor of pretty reveal for you soon.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Seriously just when you think things are going in a better direction you get a curve ball thrown.

After the disappointment of finding out the hardwood floors in this house could not be saved Terry and I found a nice new floor to be put down over the hard woods.

We found this great new floor and I was excited to have the flooring guy start the next day to install these floors.

Once again that excitement was quickly extinguished when the floor guy told us that a long patch along the living room and down the hall to the bedrooms was crowning.  Crowning meaning the floor was bowing way too much to have the new floors just laid over the top of them.

Ok Seriously?!!! So now what?  The floor guy looked at me and said we can just take out the part of the flooring that is crowning and could replace it with 3/4 underlayment.  Still was going to add more to the budget but at least that was better than tearing out all the floors.

So tear out began of the hardwoods from the living room down to the bedrooms.  Today this area will have the 3/4 underlayment put down to level out the floor with the rest of the hard woods.

Then they can finish putting down the new floors.  That is the plan at least unless Mr. Floor guy finds any more issues.

Floor guy got the guest room done and this is how the floors are beginning to look.

I love these floors.  They look and feel like real hard woods.  I like the wider planks for a more cottage feel.

I really hope there are no more issues anywhere in this house and we can move forward on the renovations.

I am seriously tired of hearing bad news and the statement "it is what it is"!!!  I  do not want any more bad news and I want a house to move into soon.

I am sure a lot of you are tired of coming to JCC and seeing my house of horrors and want to see some cute cottage decorated rooms.

I am trying to do that for me and for you.  Hopefully soon I can move in and unpack my chippy cottage whites and begin to make this sweet little cottage into our home.

I am not sure why my video would not play so I just deleted it until I can figure this one out.

Yikes it is always something!
Have a great start to the new week.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Floor Disappointment

Hi Everyone.

Oh what a week!  I tell ya if I did not have bad luck I do not think I would have any luck!

Last week we had some pretty bad storms come through our area.   Last Sunday Terry had taken our granddaughter Abby out for ice cream.   On the way home they were singing and having a good time in my car and Mr. Terry forgot to close my sun roof before coming in the house that night.  Well....... I think you know what is coming next in this story.

Yep! we had some severe weather come through in the middle of the night and my car got flooded out.  To make a long story short my car had a week at the dealership for a total spa treatment!

I would have rather been the one getting a spa treatment but nope the car got one instead!!!!

Just glad they could dry it out and detail it and all the computer systems and electrical things are all back up and running.  Dodged a big bullet on that one!

Terry felt so badly.  I told him it was an accident.  We are use to having our cars in a garage and do not think about things like that especially since it was sunny when they came home from getting ice cream.
 At my daughter's our cars sit out on the drive so things like this can happen.  Just glad my car is up and running again.

Good news on the garage front they are getting ready to pour the cement.  We have had a lot of rain so they are having to wait to have all the water dry out before pouring the cement.  Even with that being a set back,  I feel like we are finally moving in the right direction with the garage!

Floor disappointment.

This is an old picture of the floors in this new home when we first bought it.  They said they had all the floors sanded and stained right before putting the house on the market.  I was not a big fan of the dark floors but because  they had just been sanded and stained I was going to try and live with the dark color of the floors.

 I thought I would try to  lighten them up with area rugs.

I tried to get use to the dark floors!   I really did  try over these past few months as we were at the house painting and  doing work. 

 Seeing how the dirt shows on these dark floors and how closed in the rooms felt we decided to hire a floor guy to sand them and bring them back to a light color.

I was beyond excited when the floor guy sanded a small section and showed me the pecan color stain I picked out.  Yeah!!! I would get my light color hard wood floors.

Well..... fast forward to day two of the floor guy sanding the floors.  My excitement was taken away quickly.

As the floor guy began to sand the floors he discovered that these floors had been sanded one too many times over the years.

Most hard wood floors can be sanded and stained 3 to 4 times over their life depending on thickness of the wood.  These floors had been sanded way more than the usual amount. 

There was barely any thickness left to the wood and it was right down to the nails sticking up.

I just cried.  I really loved these floors and the character they gave to the house. 

 The flooring guy said we had two choices.  We could tear up the floors and install new hard woods to the tune of $11,000 to $12,000!!!! 

Ahhhh, Nope!! No money in the budget for that!

Choice #2 was to find engineered wood floors or bamboo flooring to float over the hard woods.  That would be about $3000.  So since we had no other choices we went with searching out choice # 2 flooring.

Engineered floors are made with real wood and you can sand and stain them once in their life time.  While that was appealing I just did not like the feel or look of any of the samples.

So we looked into bamboo and liked our choices with these floors.  They are softer wood and look more like hard woods.  They are environmentally better too.

After looking at several samples this is the flooring we chose.

This sample had the wider planks to give a cottage feel and I liked the color.  It was light but still had some darker color running through to give a rich feeling to the floors.

 This is the choice that will be going throughout the whole upstairs.  They look and feel like vintage cottage wood flooring.

We did have a third choice that would have cost nothing but time and paint.  Choice #3 was to paint the floors ourselves.
I have seen this done all over Pinterest but I just was not real secure with how that would hold up over time.

Also these floors would have to be painted with a heavy oil based paint that smells for weeks until it cures and you have to be off the floors for a week or more until they dry.

Just too much work and uncertainty with painting  hard wood floors.

 I will hopefully have a final picture to show you after the new flooring is installed.

We have had a lot of set backs and uncovering of problems with this home. 

   I am trying really hard to stay positive that we will have a home to move into soon and all this headache and heartache will be a distant memory!

Even with all the issues I still feel like I am home when I walk into this house.  

Have a great Weekend.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Basement Renovation Update

Hi Everyone.

Here is a video of the basement renovation.  Instead of taking a million pictures of all the spaces I decided to video the progress.

Hopefully very soon we will be able to have the inspector in to check the electrical and framing. Then we can have the dry wall and ceiling, doors, trim etc. installed.

We are way past our move in date of July 1st and it is now looking like the second week in August!  Keeping my fingers crossed we will make this date for our move in!!

I really need a home!

Hope to show you a final reveal soon.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sweet Thank You

I try to live by this saying and today especially I have a grateful heart.

Today I received a beautiful drawing of our Cooper that passed a few months ago.  Many of you know of Cooper from my blog postings.  He was a special sweet boy that we loved even if only for just a short time.

I know many of you know Gee from her blog SimplyMeDesignsByGee and know of her talented artist heart and soul.

Gee's talents are in her drawings especially of animals.  Some of her greatest drawings are of horses.

This is one of her drawings.   Gee captures the soulful sad eyes of this horse.  Gee did this drawing after seeing this poor horse neglected and sad.  I agree with her why anyone would abuse or neglect such a beautiful animal is beyond anything comprehendible.   Gee included this one in with her drawing of Cooper.

She capture every wonderful feature of Cooper.  Terry and I had tears looking at this beautiful  drawing of sweet Cooper.  Every detail is beautiful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Gee for this beautiful drawing you gifted us of Cooper.  We miss him so much and we will treasure this beautiful drawing.  I will be framing this beautiful picture and hanging it in our new cottage home.

I am always so touched at the generous and loving hearts out there in blogland.

Cecilia from The B Farm blog sent this beautiful picture she painted of Cooper last year at Christmas.
Another beautiful capture of our sweet boy.

Thank you sweet and talented ladies for these special portraits of Cooper.  I will forever treasure and be grateful for you generous and talented hearts.

I am so blessed to know both of you talented women and adore both of you for these gifted treasures from your talented hearts.

Thank You

Monday, July 10, 2017

Be careful what you wish for!!!!!

Happy New Week.

You know how excited I was for the permits to finally get released and the contractor could get his crews going on the garage build and basement renovation.

Well I guess I should be careful for what I wish for.

This is what I am looking at!!!!

When the crew started to tear out the old black top area in the back of the house where the new drive and garage will be built they found layers of years of different drive ways and floors from the old garage.  Ugh.....

 They had saws and equipment trying to penetrate the many layers.  This home was built in 1950 so there was the original drive and then several other layers of driveways through the years.  

One layer beneath the blacktop had deep rooted rebar.  What a mess.  So they had to quit for the day and bring back heavy duty equipment that will do a better job of getting through all the layers of blacktop and cement.  Ugh... Another delay.  Meanwhile the back area is a hot mess.

At the end of this mess where the pavers are piled up will be where the new garage will begin and will sit back further in the yard.
The area to the left of blacktop will be dug out and new grass put in.  The bushes to the right will be moved to new areas in the backyard.

Just hope they can get all the layers of concrete and blacktop out so they can begin to lay the new driveway and garage floor.  

Meanwhile inside my kitchen they had to cut a hole in the wall to replace all the galvanized pipes to copper piping.  So glad I did not finish painting that wall yet.  The drywall guy will be fixing that hole and then I can repaint that wall.

The new sink arrived.  If you remember the old cast iron sink was cracked and chipped. It was leaking so we had to order a new sink.  Of course the size of this sink was not an in stock item so we had to special order this one!  I do like the sweet scroll apron pattern.

Terry installed the new garbage disposal since the house never had one.  See that little button on the sink by the main faucet.  That is how you make the garbage disposal work.  I think this is really clever and you do not have to hook it up on one of the wall switches.  You install it in one of the empty holes in the sink.

Remember that issue with the freezer door not opening all the way and hitting the wall.
In order to move the refrigerator down we had to remove the 18 inch upper and lower cabinet next the to stove.  

We then added these two new upper and lower cabinets.  They are 12 inch cabinets that worked perfectly to fill in the space where the larger cabinets were removed.  I still have two cabinets for storage and now the refrigerator doors can open up correctly in this tiny kitchen.  So that solved a big problem.

After moving the refrigerator down this left a 6 inch space between the refrigerator and the kitchen wall.  Terry is going to build me a custom door for this space.  I can then use this as a utility closet for a broom, dustpan, my floor swifter and he will add some shelves to store cleaning supplies.  Hope to finish that soon and show you.

I lost the 18 inch upper and lower cabinets but these 12 inch cabinets will still work for spices and storage.

I am learning that living in a tiny house you have to be creative and utilize every inch of space you can.

I cannot wait to get my kitchen open shelves and decor out of storage and moved into this new kitchen.

I really am promising a full reveal of the rooms after we are all moved in and I can decorate.  For now all I can show you is DIY projects.
Remember the two wallpaper samples for this wall in the living room?  Well.....

Here is the wallpaper I chose.  It is the yellow cottage pattern.  It is bringing in some texture and color to the cottage living room.

It looks pretty and soft on the one wall and brings some interest to the room.

I cannot wait to mix my chippy white decor in with this splash of color for the cottage living room.

While I got this ugly going on in the backyard!  I have....

Pretty going on in the front of the house.  The flowers are doing so great.  They are growing so well that you hardly see the window boxes below them anymore.

Next year I hope to fill in the beds around the hosta's with some flowers to bring in more color.

Have a great start to the new week.