Sunday, September 1, 2013

Update on Guest Room and New Treasures

Hope your Labor Day Week End is going good.  We have a wedding today.

I thought I would show you some up dates to the guest room and some new treasures I found.

This is the old door I had hanging on the wall.  It just was not doing it for me.  So out it went. That's right the door hoarder got rid of a door!!!!

It was old and chippy and had been on the other side of the room but it just did not feel right there.

So being the door hoarder that I am,  I had to replace it with another door.  This was the smaller door.   I had the hubby re hang this door on it's side on the wall.  I then added some more vintage hooks and door knobs.  

Now my guest when they stay will have a place to hang their things on in this room.
I feel like this door goes better in the space and fills this wall up.  This room is a work in progress.  I am still tweaking in this room.  The bike probably will be moved when I actually have guests staying so no one falls over the bike in the middle of the night!!!! I probably will move in a small bench to put at the end of the bed when guests come to stay.  For now the bike will stay to add some whimsy to my decor in there.

Speaking of new finds.  I got this cute dresser from Tattered Tiques.  It was so sweet I could not pass it up.  I love the legs on this piece.  It was tall enough to use in the living room to put at the end of the sectional.  I now have more storage for my decor books and Magazines!!!!!

On my treasure hunt this week I found this lovely clock.   I have been looking for awhile for a clock and was not having any luck.  I then found this one.  I loved it the minute I saw it.  I did white wash it with some chalk paint to give it a more chippy worn look.  I love the chandelier stencil in the middle of the clock face.  Usually they have some kind of saying and I liked that this one just had the chandelier no words.

I think it fits in well with all the other decor in the living room.

Another cute little find was this chippy hanger.  I hung this by my front door.  It was ready to hang no painting or chippy needed.
Stay tuned to see what I do with this chippy sweet treasure in my next post.  I got this chair on my trip to Morris .  I love  the shops there.  I saw something really sweet on pinterest for inspiration for this chair.  I hope to show that soon.

Hope you all are having a nice holiday week end.  So happy the temps here in Chicago are coming down and it is nice weather again.  I am hoping to fling open the windows again and turn off the air.
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  1. Kris, I have to know if you have holes in your walls that need to be filled when you make changes or do you some other method for hanging doors? You guest room feels like you, and it is splendid.

    1. Ha Ha Dawn. Spackle and touch up paint is the name of the game in my house of late. My husband tries to get at least one screw into a stud on the wall to hold up the doors. So when I move anything there is just spackle to the screw hole and touch up paint. So easy peasy and it allows for all my crazy changes!!!!! Hope your holiday week end is going great.

  2. Kris, you crack me up! Yet more changes...but I love them! :)
    My favs are the little dresser (more mag storage is always a good thing!) and the sweet chair! I love that you're adding some brown/rustic tones!

  3. Love how your room came together, and that you were able to change mid-stream in your decorating. The sideways door is so dear. I love how you added the extra knobs w/plates to it.

    And your new wee dresser is over the top. Sooooooooo cute. Just love it!


  4. Those guest room window shutters look so gorgeous Kris - what a great idea to put different sizes - GORGEOUS !!!
    Do you change things every day?
    You exhaust me - think I have to go take a nap now lol
    Everything you do is an inspiration

  5. Boy Kris, there is no end to your great finds!!! I am so very jealous. We have no places close to us that is safe for me to go to and visit. I want treasures like yours. That door looks so good and I adore that clock!!! This room is calling my name for a nap, LOL! Off to read your Spotlight of the week.


  6. OMg! I love, love that chair! Have fun at the wedding today!

    Sandy mc

  7. So pretty! Do you mind sharing exactly which paint and color you use on your white pieces? I am in the mood to paint some furniture now! :-)

  8. Very nice, I need a little R&R , super crazy around here getting ready for school on Tuesday, I'll dream of staying in your very inviting guest Elle @sweetpeaschicnshabbies. blogspot. com

  9. The little dresser is W O N D E R F U L. I am looking for something small next to my sofa and you have given me an idea for who to look for. Whether I find it is a different story.

  10. Hanging a door sideways was a great idea, Kris, since the shutters and sign are vertical. Very cute little chest of drawers. One can never have too much storage space.
    Mary Alice

  11. the door changes fits the wall better, doesn't it? love it, kris! pretty clock and chest, and that chair is my fav--too cute!

  12. That chair is the last photo is so cute! Your room looks fantastic--Happy Labor day!

  13. You found the perfect place for that drawered piece! I couldn't figure out what to use it for....magazine storage...brilliant!! LOVE that! I also love that you turned that small door sideways and used the knobs as hangers.... brilliant! ALSO- the 4 shutters behind the bed framing the window...brilliant! LOVE these ideas Kris! I'm inspired!

    -Thanks for the shout out!!

  14. Hi Kris! Happy Labor Day! I really love the new/old door hung horizontally on the guest room wall! What a difference it makes and I already liked the other door! Please don't move the bike - I plan on riding it during night-time bathroom runs LOL! Tat little chest is perfect for the living room and the clock just finishes off that corner beautifully! Isn't it fun to go treasure hunting and find just the perfect things for your home? Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Hugs, Leena

  15. Morning Kris,
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Definitely like the smaller door hung sideways better, looks great. also like the bike in there, but like
    you say probably not a good idea for when the company arrives, but looks great in the meanwhile. I saw a white bike on someones blog years
    ago and she had it on her porch with flowers in a wicker basket attached to the handlebars, and it just ran away with my heart. I actually bought
    a basket and had plans to do that on my very small porch but then my hubby knew of a single Mom who needed a bike so she could ride with
    her lil one, not knowing of my plan and it was just sitting in the garage he sweetly offered the bike to her..................which was great and she
    was thrilled of maybe one day!! lol What can I say a need over a decoration............think that wins out!

    Love that lil dresser stand you put in your living room too. Love all those lil drawers, that fascinates me and just love the look, and yes, would
    be perfect for magazines. Also love the clock too and how you decorated everything on the dresser top to go along with it. Very cute and fits
    right in as you say.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are gonna do with that cute chair..............

    Have a great day hon, Just got up but so far it looks sunny out there...............

  16. I love that door hung with all of it's hooks and knobs! Great idea for guests and it really fills the wall in nicely. I can't wait to see what else you put in here...I know whatever it is will be beautiful! I also love that little chest you found, how adorable is that! Heck, I love everything you do!

  17. Wow I just love this post and all that you your style!!! Would love it if you came by and shared it at Share it One More Time

  18. Everyone else has said it all! LOL.


    Judi in the UK

  19. Just wonderful! Yes, please share your colors if possible! Love it and shared it! :)

  20. is this the room that had the twin beds or is it the lake room? in any case it looks really great! love the other door that your hung with the hooks, perfect for guests to hang things.
    when do i get to stay over??? ;)

  21. I really really love your guest room! It's so inviting... light and airy. But wait - your guests will never want to leave!! (when are you starting to take reservations!)

    Blessings, Edie Marie

    1. Edie Marie,
      You are welcome anytime my friend. No lines no waiting!!!!

  22. Such a sweet and inviting guest room! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

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