Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Girlfriend Charity Party And A Thank You

I thought I would share a few little preps I am doing for my annual Girlfriend Charity Christmas Party.

A little background.  About 8 years ago I started this party to gather all my girlfriends together for a night of sharing our love for each other and the wonderful friendships we share.  Christmas seemed the perfect time to have this gathering.  A night for fun, eating, laughing and sharing of gifts etc.

This party started out as just my close girlfriend group and then it expanded over the years to some of my girlfriends bringing their besties to the party and now my two daughter's are bringing thier bff's.  So our small girlfriend group has expanded and has become such a fun group of women.

I do a theme each year for the party.  We all wear our most comfy pj's and slippers.  Why???? well because you need to be comfy for eating, drinking and laughing!!!!

Best Part of This Party:
  Each girl brings an exchange gift where  some or most of the proceeds of buying this gift go to benefit a favorite charity.  It amazes me each year the beautiful and thoughtful gifts each girl will bring to the exchange.  Everyone always has a great story of why they chose the gift and the particular charity. Very touching.

A while back I shared with you what my girlfriend exchange gift for this year will be.  You can see that post here.

Every year I try to come up with a cute gift bag that each girl will get to take home all the goodies from the party.

This year I found the cutest bag at Tattered Tiques Christmas Open House.  They took  large white bags and added a cute christmas truck stamp on each bag for the open house. 

 I asked the girls if they would make up some of these for my party.  So they did and then I did a little embellishing to them too.  I always add some take home favors in each bag.

Here is what I did:

This is the shopping bag I got from the girls at Tattered Tiques.  Good size white paper bag with the cute stamped truck.

Yep! gotta love this stamp pattern.

Got some red jingle bells from Michaels.

Pretty checked ribbon and large clear plastic bags.

Found these adorable gift tags at Hobby Lobby.  $1.99 with half off Christmas for a bag of 12.  Score!

Tied off the gift tags and bells with bakers twine to the handle of the bags.

These bags are cute and good size for each girl to take home all their goodies and the gift from the exchange.

I got each girl the Oprah Christmas Favorite Magazine.  Remember when she had her TV show, the Favorite Show in particular where she gave away all those wonderful gifts.  She continues this with her Christmas edition magazine and highlights great gifts. There is also a chance in this magazine to win fabulous gifts.  Gotta love what Oprah started here with her favorite gifts and giveaways.

It is just a fun favor to give each of the girls in their bag.  Tied the magazine off in the clear bags with ribbon and a candy cane.

Here it is already for each girl to have at the party.

 One thing checked off the list as I prepare for the party.

I have 17 besties coming to the party this year.  I just love that my daughters have joined my group and have their friends joining in now.  It is a great night of friendship sharing.

It is such a fun night to get everyone together to share our love of friendship, eat, drink, laugh and play fun games.  I do lots of fun prizes.  A prize for the cutes Christmas PJ's this year and cutest slippers worn.  Have prizes for the games we play too.

Stay tuned as I show you more items I am preparing for this party.
Have a great start to the new week.

*****Thank You and Big Hugs ******
A special thank you to Dore of Burlap Luxe.  I finally have gotten one of Dore's beautiful heartful art pieces for my home.  If you have ever been to Dore's Etsy  or Blog you will see some of the beautiful art work she creates and sells.  I saw this French Hen House that she created last week on her Etsy Site and my heart beat was just a little faster as I looked at this beautiful piece.  I  thought how wonderful that piece would be in my French Country Kitchen.

So on the shelf in my kitchen it went.  Look at those sweet chippy doors and the cute detail in the banner.  This french chick that is right outside her hen house has it so good.

The attention to detail that Dore uses in all her lovely pieces is amazing.  Are those arched chippy doors not the sweetest?  Oh and that cute french banner.  Little Countess d'Erouville has a beautiful French Cottage of her own.  So happy to have this sweet little vignette on my shelf in my french farm house kitchen.

Dore also gifted me one of her special french birds from her collection.
Dore I love my new french bird added to my winter vintage garden mantel.
Thank you sweet friend.  I am swooning over my beautiful treasures created by you.
My little Countess just makes me smile every morning when I see her on the shelf in the kitchen.
Hugs and Kisses attached with a big Thank you.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Did you ever look at a picture and just find peace and serenity looking at it.  I found it with this one.


I wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family and friends and all the wonderful traditions.  Safe travels for all of you traveling to be with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter Garden Decor

Happy Sunday.  I decided to do a winter garden theme in my front entry.  I have been adding the Nordic red to the rest of my decor but up front I wanted to keep it simple and neutral just a few touches of winter garden theme.

My Hope Angel sits on the white chippy chair as you come in the entry way.
I love the serenity she gives to my decor.

White winter wreath with some angel wings and winter roses.

My entry way.  Just winter ribbons, and winter floral added here and there.

Found this up on the roof top vintage christmas book to add on the bench.

Added some holiday ribbon to my winter wreath on the old chippy garden gate.  There is a little bit of the blue again in my watering can sprinkler head and the old garden faucet.

Just wanted to keep it pretty simple up front.

My love birds in this cage have their bottle brush Christmas tree for their home decor along with some glitter winter white roses.

So as we slide on into this Thanksgiving week I wish all of you a safe and happy  gathering with friends and family.

Why is it that this time of the season goes so quickly and then January through March just drag!!!!

Have a great week.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog. 
November 22

This week I am so happy to introduce you to Debra from Ms. Moozy's Open House.   Debra is a wonderful DIYer and creates some pretty fab things.  Debra has a fun and inspirational blog.  Please read and get to know Debra and then hop over to check out her sweet blog.

Hello there, I am Debra and I blog over at Ms. Moozy's Open House.  I have to say that when Kris from Junk Chic Cottage asked me to be part of their Saturday Spotlight, Real life behind the blogger series I was honored.......

Then I said ahhhhhhhh what to write about.....LOL

~insert fear here~


Ok I guess I should start from the beginning of my blogging life huh. My very first blog post was on Tumblr and that was January 20, 2012. I started to blog because I wanted to document my experiences in moving through our journey as foster parents. Well what came after has just been something awesome, I would have never thought I would be blogging like I am today.

OK let me go back a bit here.....

Hubby and I got married in December of 2002, we both had been married before but neither of us had kids. We talked many times about adoption and it was a gift given to us from the Lord, we started to foster in 2011.

We moved through the system, fostering  with the intention of adopting. It took some time but  on Oct 2012 2 boys where placed with us and they were already freed for adoption so a year later on Oct 17, 2013 we adopted our 2 boys.

We currently have a foster daughter that we are moving forward in adopting as well but we just don't have any date on when yet. We are just going through all the legal stuff right now and she is still in Foster care with us.

We live in Upstate NY in a small home with 5 of us and 4 dogs.....LOL

I love vintage stuff, junkin and re-purposing old things.

You can read more about my decor on my house tour {HERE}

I also do some DIYs, crafts and create for my Etsy store. I just love being creative and I am always changing things around in my home. Driving my husband crazy, he just never knows what I will be asking him to help me with next. LOL

This was when I asked Hubby to help me create a Pallet coffee table. You can see that post {HERE}
Some facts about who Debra is:

I am a Christian
I hate spiders!!!
I love hanging around at home with my family
I love taking care of my kids
I love my best friend and husband, Kelly
I love animals
I am a Diet Coke addict
I suffer from Anxiety
I am learning to enjoy green drinks
I love burning incense
I love to blog
I am enjoying learning photography
I enjoy going junkin
love anything chippy, rusty and sweaty
love vintage
I love being creative
I love donkeys
also I love fainting goats :-)

Well I guess that is enough about me and my life........

Thanks again Kris for giving me this wonderful chance to share a little about ME, the person behind MsMoozys Open House.

Be Blessed,

Thanks Debra for letting us get to know you better.  Now that you met Debra please visit Susan's blog Must Love Junk to meet Meredith from Laundry Can Wait blog.
Have a great week end.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

No Pictures Just Honest Thoughts.

Today my post is just an honest opinion and some thoughts from me.  No pictures or decor crazy to show today just some thoughts.   

There is a lot of talk in Blogland about all the advertising on blogs and Big Blogger vs. Little Bloggers and the competitive nature this blog world has become.

Here is my thought on this.

I started my blog to share my decor ideas and to find like minded people that I could share with and get inspiration.  To my surprise I not only found people that get my decor crazy but I have been blessed with some beautiful friendships along the journey.

It has been so much fun finding so many talented people right at your finger tips to get beautiful inspiration and ideas.   Blog World for me has been a great place to form some wonderful friendships and get to know so many talented 

A lot has been written about all the advertising on blogs.

I know blogging can feel like a full time job at times and a lot of the bloggers out there have to advertise to help with the cost of running their blogs.  Hey! you cannot pick up your favorite magazine or watch your favorite TV show without advertising that is a necessary part of the process. 

I do understand how some bloggers have the fees for their host sites and servers, shop costs  and all that goes with that, so I get that advertising is a way that helps to off set those costs.  

With that said I will be honest it is annoying to be trying to look at someone's beautiful inspiration and have a toothpaste or car ad pop up while you are trying to look and read about the post.  I get the annoyance that a lot complain about but I just try to be understanding to those that have to have this process to share their inspiration.  I think we need to be a kind and open audience.

Big Blogger vs. Little Blogger.

Lot's has been said about Big Blogger vs. Little Blogger! Ok that statement alone cracks me up.  I think in this big world of blogging there is room for everyone.  You should enjoy this process and if not then it is not a good place for you to be.  I do not look at my blogging friends as "BIG or Little" just as sweet and inspirational friends I have met and enjoy getting to know better.

I love sharing my decor crazy with all of you and I enjoy the Spotlight Feature to introduce you to  new bloggers and have the spotlight bloggers meet all of you.  It is fun way to get to know the person behind the blog on a more personal level. 

 It is amazing how we find that we share so much in common and can bond easily with someone we have never meet in "real" life.  

We put our best foot forward with our posts and sometimes it is good to know we are real peeps with real lives behind the pretty decor.

Life is a journey and always lessons to be learned.

So as we go into this season of holiday fun, decorating, love of family and friends we should all be reminded of how this place called "Blogland" can be a wonderful place to visit and enjoy each other's company.  It really should be about the fun, supporting each other and sharing of inspiration and the pure joy of friendship.  

I know it is not a perfect world and there can be issues and drama at times.  I just feel we need to keep this  "Blog World" in perspective and enjoy it like you would your favorite magazine. 

 Like in a magazine there will be pages you stop on and enjoy and other pages you will not and just turn the page.  It should be like this in blog land too.  Stop and take in the beauty of what you enjoy and leave sweet comments of appreciation.  The blogs you find that are not your cup of tea then just move on.  No need to be rude or mean.  Right?

 There should be no right or wrong just honest sharing and caring.

Think about how many friendships and sharing of beautiful creative minds would be lost without this world of blogging. 

I appreciate all of you that take time to read my posts and come on Saturday for Spotlight to meet a new blogger or get to know a blogger you might know already on a more personal level.  Susan and I work hard to find new and fun bloggers to participate in this process.  We are both so pleased that this has been a great series that has been enjoyed by so many.

  I try to visit all of you when I can and enjoy the truly wonderful inspiration I collect from all of you.  My motto is post when you want to share, do not worry about numbers or stats, visit your blog friends when you can and just enjoy the process for what it is.

I am always grateful for your kind comments left and taking the time to get to know me and my blog.

Friendship is important part of Life it nurtures our souls. 

Wow!!! that was a long post!!!!!  Hope you had a good beverage or some snacks as you strolled down this post today!!!!

Ok a little self advertising he he.  Please stop by on Saturday, Susan and I have two wonderful bloggers for you to meet in Spotlight.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fun Open House

Last Wednesday Night I went to a Fun Christmas Open House at Tattered Tiques and many other Shops joined in the fun that night too.

It was so fun to see all the fun vignettes around the shop.  I did not take a lot of pictures with it being so crowded.

Lot's of yummy treats were out at each shop.  Yum love eating and shopping!

So many sweet old vintage pieces everywhere.

Cute glamper ornaments with trees.
I got this great set of logs tied off in cute ribbon and greens.  I added them to my vintage fireplace log holder and added some more greens and lights to this vignette.

Found some really cute finds to help with my decor this year and some sweet Christmas gifts.
Hope your week is going great.
We are cold and snowy so it is great weather for getting in the mood to decorate.
Happy New Week Ahead.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sneak Peak and A Cute Story and A Big Thank You

Hope your week end is a good one.  Very cold here in the Chicago Land Area.    Ughh! We got our first snow.  Coming way to fast for me.  I guess it does get you in the mood to decorate!

Here are a few more sneak peaks at the red I am adding to my whites and neutrals  for Christmas Decor.

My Angel is adorning the top of the Christmas Tree.

I added a little bling to her wings with these star ornaments  I got at Tattered Tiques Christmas Open House.

Love these angel wings I got from the Halloween store after Halloween for $5.
They make for a nice little addition to my chandelier.

I added some of my crystal chandelier ornaments to the bottom of my chandy.  I felt it needed a little bling to go with the angel wings above.

I am loving just adding a little red here and there for my Nordic look.  I am liking how the Christmas Decor is coming along. 

 I will be sharing the whole completed Christmas Decor over at Pamela's My Front Porch to Yours How I found My Style Christmas Decor on December 7th.  So for now just a few sneak peaks as I continue to tweak and change things up.
I know a lot of you are starting this week too.  Happy Decorating.

OK now for a sweet story and thank you to share with you on this Sunday.

I was telling my friend Vera a story about my Outside Fall Decor from last year.  In my garden bike I had some burlap and lace liners and then some pumpkins and fall decor in the baskets of the bike.

One Day I came home from running errands and I noticed that someone had taken out the burlap and lace lining I had in the baskets.  They left all the other stuff just took the lining.  

I thought why would someone just take the lining?? Too weird and I kind of let it go.  The leaves were still thick on the trees and falling.

Later on in the month when all the leaves were down from the trees I was coming home again and looked up in the tree to see my resident squirrel's nest up in the oak tree.  Yep! I think you know where my burlap and lace linings went!!!!!!! The squirrel thief took my linings and made a beautiful condo for himself up in the old oak tree.  I could not be mad as I thought wow that is the prettiest squirrel nest I have ever seen.  Just made me smile all winter long and it was a long long winter!!!!!

 Vera at Row Homes and Cobblestones saw this cute ornament and she said it reminded her of my cute squirrel story and she wanted to send it to me.

Is he not the sweetest!!!

So now when I am on my computer I will see this special little squirrel that Vera gifted me.  Thank you sweet friend for this wonderful sweet remembrance but most of all thank you for the sweet friendship you have gifted me in blog land.  Have a wonderful week everyone.
Kris :)

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